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Return Policy

Return/Damage Policy

Please notice that the colors shown on the website are approximate and may vary due to your monitor's settings and small variations in the tint may vary due to texture of the item and paint/stain lots used by the manufacturers. Touch-up paint may be required, and we are happy to supply it to correct small dings and or scuffs that happen normally in the shipping process. Most of the shipments will include a small bottle with your cast stone fountain and more may be obtained if required.

All factory orders, including custom finishes and life size statues, fountains, tables and benches, and garden art are not returnable or refundable. Please inspect and note any visible damage on the Freight Bill before signing the Freight Receipt/Bill of Lading (see below). In the unlikely event your item is received damaged during shipping, please follow the directions below. You are responsible for the cost of the replacement items and the freight, so be diligent and follow the directions below to get reimbursed for the damaged item(s).

If there is or is not any visible damage to the package and/or pallet unpack it in front of the driver.

If damaged during shipping is noted, please contact our customer service at info@fountainstoyou.com immediately so we may help you to resolve the matter and reorder the damaged item(s) for you.

Contact customer service at info@fountainstoyou.com for a RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number for small packages.

For palatalized merchandise you will be responsible for filling a claim for the replacement of any and all parts. If you need assistance in the filling of a claim we will assist you in the filling of the claim with the freight company. Claims will take up to 90 days for processing with the freigfht carrier.
We will need the following:
  • You must have a copy of the Freight Receipt/Bill of Lading with the driverís signature noting the item was damaged in shipping.

  • Photo of damage
  • Have the driver sign the freight bill noting the item was damaged in shipping
  • Keep all the original packing (freight company may need to inspect it).
    FountainsToYou is not and will not be held liable for any and all damages that accrues in the transportation of any and all product unless it is being transported in or on a FountainsToYou company vehicle. If the item needs to be returned for any other reason than damage, the refund and/or store credit will reflect a 25% restocking charge. Freight is not refundable. Fountainstoyou and/or its manufacturers are not responsible for any damage caused by freight companies, customerís employees, landscapers, contractors, helpers, etc. when moving, stacking, handling, fitting, etc. the item after the item has been unloaded off the freight carrier truck. Please be aware that the delivery can NOT BE REFUSED for any reason. Refusal of delivery will result in customer incurring all shipping and/or redelivery cost of the delivery. If you suspect any damage upon delivery please mark the bill of lading - SUBJECT TO INSPECTION, so that any issues may be corrected or parts replaced.

    The actual shipping cost you must pay to return an item to us may not match our free or promotional shipping rates. For example, If we offer free shipping for a item but it is returned and the actual shipping was 0.00, we will deduct the 0.00 from your refund amount or the difference between the actual and or promotional shipping charge. The ORIGINAL SHIPPING is NON-REFUNDABLE even if you received FREE shipping promotion, you will be charged the actual shipping charges that we incurred to ship the product to you.

    Customer Service at fountainstoyou.com will make the final decision on replacement and or return of any product sold through fountainstoyou.com