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Stone Water Fountain

We offer a huge selection of water fountains, wall fountains, garden fountains, outdoor fountains and statuary fountains from Al’s Garden Art, Avila’s Garden Art, A. Silvestri Co. and Brandelli Arts, Inc..

There is also a large selection of statuary and cast stone pedestals. Cast stone tables, benches, wall décor and planters from flower pots to large tree planters, plain planters to decorative planters, round planters to square planters to rectangle planters, short planters to tall planters.All the cast stone items are offered in a wide selection of colors.

We also have submersible water pumps and water treatments for your fountain. We just added a bronze statuary line from Brass Baron. there line includes every thing from wall decorations, statuary, planters and on and on. Also we just got in a great looking line of patio furniture, retro style. Please feel free to look around and if you have any questions please call or email us, we will be more than happy to assist you. Their will be more things added to our web page so please sign up for our email list and add us to your favorites list to keep up to date with the new items that will be appearing in the site.

Our collection of water features offers many options. Stone Water Fountains can be simple or ornate, modern or classical. Either way, they add style and grace to your outdoor areas. A Stone Water Fountain provides soothing sound, as well.

A large Stone Water Fountain can be the centerpiece of your yard, providing a meditative gathering spot. Smaller Stone Water Fountains capture the eye's attention, as well. All of them add an air of style and class to your landscaping. Consider installing one today.

Affordable Stone Water Fountains

Many people assume that, because Stone Water Fountains are so often seen on the grounds of a lavish mansion, they are prohibitively expensive. But anyone can afford a Stone Water Fountain. Our collection features fountains that range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Whatever your budget, there's a fountain for you.

Our online catalog gives you access to our full line of Stone Water Fountains. We also feature statuary that's been plumbed for use as a Stone Water Fountain. You'll find statuary, planters, and pottery all waiting for your selection, right at our website.

Add Romance with a Stone Water Fountain

Block out the hustle and bustle of the city with a Stone Water Fountain. Water is the perfect white noise, soothing and relaxing. Our wide selection of Stone Water Fountains and other garden features will allow you to build your dream garden. Tucked among your favorite plants and shrubs, these exquisite pieces will never disappoint.

Stone Water Fountains bring the peaceful lull of flowing water to your yard. Our unique collection offers choices from stately to playful, statues and dácor that will add your personal touch to any setting. There's so much to choose from. The serene look and sound of your Stone Water Fountain will bring hours of happiness.